I’ve been hitting the gym four to five times a week for over two years now. What have I learned?

The process of growing muscle and getting fit isn’t a mystery. It’s a matter of lifting, pushing or pulling weights using the correct technique, following a well balanced diet by eating plenty of protein and planned rest. Rinse and repeat 🙂

It’s not a secret formula, it’s supported by a shed load of scientific research. It’s pure biology. Action and reaction. Though it did take me some time to fine-tune my program to suit my needs.

I totally underestimated the mental and emotional impact of hitting the gym four to five times a week. Those cranial muscles have grown too. In fact my mental and emotional muscles are so strong that I’m able to take the pain caused by RA head on. A few years ago I’d stop doing an exercise if it hurt. Early in this routine I started to push through the pain. I no longer wanted the pain to prevent me from doing an exercise. I moved with the pain and that made it disappear.

I actively push the boundaries and extend the limits of my body. I learned I can handle it. Slowly I got fitter, my muscles started developing and most importantly, I was able to do more in a day. I had created more spoons. I gained more confidence, I started to trust my body more. This increased strength triggered my body to release all traumas and pain from my past and consequently sent me into an Uber dimension of depression early this year. I found a psychotherapist, laid all my shit out in front of him and started to deal with it. I am and was driven to tackle these issues, and it’s working.

A lot of penny’s dropped during this process and I’m sure there are many that will follow. But it’s really, really tough and a lot of hard work. Especially when I’m confronted by my patterns and actions. I push through because I’m convinced I’m on the right track. It’s very hard to build mental muscle. There isn’t a fixed formula to find yourself. It’s pure psychology.


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