Great blogs I have read – Day 7 RAblog week

This week was awesome! I loved participating in RAblog week. It made me think and rethink my life with RA and I enjoyed writing about it. The topics were well chosen, I chose one of the Wildcards on day 6 because I did not feel like writing about my diagnosis. There were many great blogs to pick from and I’ll highlight the ones that spoke to me. My favourite topic was on day four; Five things I have learned.

Rick’s entry is great, because he picked 5 things I had not thought of. It surprised me and I can definitely relate to them. In particular getting to know the staff at the hospital, chemist and physical therapist; it’s a strange side-effect of having a chronic disease and he describes it well. By the way Rick, you are a star for setting this up and getting so many others to participate, you rock dude!

I like Kendra’s blog because of its practicality. She gets right to the point and has a wonderful positive approach.

Dana’s vlog is very cool. Not only do you get to see what a great person she is, she explains life with RA very well and you get to learn about joggling!

I like Dana Symons for telling the hard truth. Yes, it sucks to have RA but it’s good to put things into perspective as well. Very well written and well said.

Finally, Jill’s post explains how pain, inflammation and stress influence your body and using the X-men as a cultural reference is just plain awesome.

All bloggers did an amazing job this past week and I’m honoured to have been a part of RAblog week.

Thank you for your time, take care of yourself and remember to keep passing the open windows.


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  1. Ferhaan, thank you for blogging with us this week. What great fun to have your wonderful respective. I hope you will join us again next year. I love having an international group, it gives us so much more flavor. Your blog on Day 2 (never give up was just plain inspirational).


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