Never give up, day 2 RAblog week

I was standing on the little bridge just 100 meters from my house. Tears were welling up in my eyes, because I did not think I would make it home. I could actually see the house from the bridge, but RA-fatigue had taken over my body, making me believe the distance was insurmountable.

This happened over ten years ago and whenever I find myself in the realm of RA-fatigue, I’m transported back to that damn bridge a decade ago. It’s like being in a Tardis from hell (my wife and son are in the mids of a Dr. Who marathon, hence the cultural reference). Yet here I am, no longer stuck on that bridge. I keep going every day, finding my way off the bridge.

There isn’t a single practical solution to combat RA-fatigue for me. Sure there are some things I do to help me increase my energy levels; making sure I eat healthy with regular intervals, hitting the gym twice a week, getting fresh air regularly, taking frequent breaks, getting enough sleep, taking my medication and supplements on time, kicking back once in a while and many more. These are all steps that make my life with RA easier, but at the same time, it’s hard to maintain. It’s easy to give into the fatigue, simply because my body is screaming for a break. Don’t get me wrong, when it hits me hard, lying in bed a riding it out is the best thing for me. But once it subsides I have to get up and get going. And that’s one of the hardest things for me to do. My mind knows I will feel better once I start moving again, but taking that first step is tough.

I need more than common sense and positive experience to get me moving; I need motivation to drive me forward. My wife and son are the ones that give me that push. I need to get my son to school, football or wherever. He needs to be fed, he needs someone to listen to him and he needs to be loved. That’s my job. That’s my motivation to never give up. Without these two wonderful people in my life, living with RA would be like a Dalek termination…

Thank you for your time, take care of yourself and remember to keep passing the open windows.


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