(WARNING: this blog post is full of bad puns!)

Last week I had an appointment with my rheumatologist. Even though it did not feel like it at the time, it was a matter of joint interest. The reason for this was the news she had for me. In this joint statement she told me that my right wrist had a crack in the joint (some joint damage). You can imagine that this news threw me completely out of joint. This was not the type of joint hearing I had travelled all the way to the hospital to, to hear. In fact I was so upset I felt I had sufficient grounds to get my doctor thrown in the joint. Not that the hospital is such a classy joint…

If you're thinking you can't see anything out of the ordinary, you are right. On the surface the wrist still looks the same

I was still reeling when I walked to my car. To calm myself down I considered rolling a joint, but upon reflection I decided that seeing more than three colors in a traffic light was not going to solve this problem, however much fun it would be to see a technicolor light sign. Having something to eat seemed more appropriate so I swung by the local burger joint.
After lunch I visited my physical therapist for a joint session. The full body workout was good and left me feeling stronger and supple. I had a long and fruitful joint discussion with my PT about my wrist and we felt confident and at ease to move forward in this new situation. In fact I would dare say that my physical therapist and I were joint winners.

Thank for your time, take care of yourself and remember to keep passing the open windows.

© Ferhaan Kajee 15-06-2011

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  1. Make no bones about it, you need to knuckle down, and don’t take any unnecessary wrists. I’m sure though you will be able to shoulder the burden, and you have the backbone to carry on. Sometimes that’s just the breaks, just be grateful it was not too much of a pain in the neck to deal with. I’m sorry if this post seems disjointed, with RA it’s always punishment to do the write thing.

    • Gee thanks Russel, your comments got my funny bone out of joint..

  2. LOL! Loved the multi-persoanlity perspective on a joint. Great sense of humor.

  3. Ferhaan,

    It’s good to hear your full body workout session had you feeling good afterwards. And thanks for the open windows tip, I’ll have to keep that one in mind.


  4. Hi Ferhaan,

    Is there such thing as a bad pun or idiom?

    The main thing of note is that the humour you used is actually a great stress undresser, which is a great way to reduce inflammation.

    So pun away. You have a new fan on the other side of the ocean!


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