“Daddy, I want to play with you!” I regularly hear Bookkid say this to me and most of those times I’m sitting on my favorite spot on the couch, resting with my feet up. He has been playing with his train set or another toy for a while and does not want to play by himself anymore. Surprisingly, he can’t be enticed to watch a DVD of Spiderman or dinosaurs, but that does not discourage me from trying to persuade him to do so anyway. He uses the words, “Daddy, I want to play with you!” to reach out to me and it pains me that I am not always able to comply to this request.

When I’m not able to actively play with Bookkid, we’ll read a book together or browse the website of Sesame Street on my Macbook. This means I do not have to get up. But at other times I can’t resist his charms and his ‘Come on, Daddy”s. Then we’ll go up to his room where, sitting down, I play along with whatever game he thinks up with his stuffed animals or dinosaurs. What we love to do most though, is wrestle on the big bed, build a ‘pillow tower’, do somersaults and of course hide under the covers when Mama walks up the stairs.

We both feel a whole lot better after that.

Thank you for your time, take care of yourself and remember to keep passing the open windows.

© Ferhaan Kajee, February 2010

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  1. Sounds tiring initally, but so much fun ultimately! 🙂

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