Groundhog Day

Bookkid went to school for the first time this week. In fact it was his first “practice” day. He actually starts on the 27th of November, the day after he turns four years old, but he gets to go to school five mornings before that, so he can get used to the new surroundings, the other children and the teachers.

It was strange standing outside the school with the other parents, waiting for the doors to open. You could distinguish us from the other Mums and Dads though, Bookkid had both his parents with him and I was packing my camera. But I think the most notable difference were our happy faces, beaming with pride. And Bookkid did do us proud. He was literally jumping up and down with excitement. We had been to the school the day before, so that Bookkid could meet his teacher and see where his classroom, toilets and such are. He also got to pick out a sticker to mark “his” chair and coat hook.

Bookkid's chair at school

When the doors finally opened he literally pulled me inside, hung up his coat on his hook, went inside his classroom and immediately found his chair. Preparing him for school had apparently paid off, because there were no tears when we kissed Bookkid goodbye, well no tears were shed by Bookkid…

His teacher brought him outside to us at noon and obviously we were very pleased when she reported to us that Bookkid did very well. In fact he collected his first compliment from her, she called him a “kanjer” (a star), which confirmed my belief that my son is indeed not only gifted, but also a genius…

I like Bill Murray’s acting work. There are few comedic actors that can keep such a straight face when absurd things happen to them. So I watched Groundhog Day when it was on television a few weeks back, and as usual Murray cracked me up. But while watching it this time it dawned on me that I experience regular RA-Groundhog Days. At least that’s what it feels like after six years of having RA. I have this Groundhog Day feeling most when I have a flare. By now I have had many flares and the last few times I had one, it felt as if history was repeating itself. I experience the same sensation when my knees play up the day after I was on my feet for a longer time than usual.

I think everybody experiences Groundhog Days in one way or another in their lives, and that is to be expected. We all have certain routines or go to certain places at fixed times, it is inevitable. And on this level I will be experiencing many Groundhog Days once Bookkid really starts school. But RA-Groundhog Days are on another level, because it makes the RA very definite. It makes me realize, I’ve been through a lot of the aches and pains and flares before. It makes me feel like an RA-veteran. And strangely enough, that is a good thing, because it gives me confidence in dealing with RA. I know I bounce back after a flare. I know I will feel better, once the flare is over. I just have to be (a) patient.

Thank you for your time, take care of yourself and remember to keep passing the open windows.

© Ferhaan Kajee, November 2009

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